Ansible Minimum Viable Playbook (MVP)

Reference: Adam’s Tech Blog

The Minimum Viable Playbook (MVP) is the shortest, most useful Ansible playbook I have. Whenever I need to write some Ansible code and I’m not entirely sure I’m doing it right (which is often), I implement it first in the MVP so I can test it quickly. Here’s my latest iteration:

I keep the MVP saved as ~/tmp/test.yml , from which it can be run with:

Two things make the MVP particularly fast:

  1. When running tasks locally, Ansible always uses the local connection type, which means there is no SSH overhead.
  2. I’ve disabled fact-gathering which means my tasks are executed immediately. This saves about a second per run, which isn’t much but you do notice it.

Knowledge Base

See the Ansible section of my Knowledge Base for more information.

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