Installing Git on Windows

Installing Git on Windows is very similar to installing it on Linux. That might not come as a surprise though because the tools we’ll be using in this post are specifically designed to allow Windows users to utilise Linux packages without needing to install a VM.


The first thing you’ll need to do is download Git for Windows. Once you have done that, install it using all of the default settings. After completing the installation, you will find that you’ve now got three Git applications:

  • Git Bash
  • Git CMD
  • Git GUI

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Installing Git on Ubuntu


Generating Ubuntu SSH key

Finding Ubuntu SSH key

Copy the  SSH-RSA text and paste it into your Git account’s key settings.

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Git Local Overwrite

If your local repository is behind that of the remote repository and your locally tracked files differ from those of the remote repository, you will encounter an error. Performing the steps will result in the following:

  • If the locally tracked files exist on the remote repository, the remote files will overwrite the local files.
  • If the locally tracked files do not exist on the remote repository, they will be removed from your local repository.
  • If the local files are not being tracked, they will be left intact.

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