Section Description
Install Installing Ansible and custom modules.
Inventory Inventory connection variables.
Playbooks Anatomy of Playbooks, Minimum Viable Playbook (MVP), –extra-vars.
Tasks Tasks, variables, set_facts, lists & dicts, loops, conditionals.
Tags Using tags to organise your Plays and Tasks.
Ad-Hoc An ad-hoc command is something that you might type in to do something really quick, but don’t want to save for later.
Lookups Lookup plugins allow access of data in Ansible from outside sources. Like all templating, these plugins are evaluated on the Ansible control machine, and can include reading the filesystem but also contacting external datastores and services.

These values are then made available using the standard templating system in Ansible, and are typically used to load variables or templates with information from those systems.

Jinja2 Jinja filters & templates.
Gotchas YAML gotchas.


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