How to Land your Dream Job

I have been very lucky in my career to date. Over the years I have been given the privilege of working in some great roles and executive jobs which I have thoroughly enjoyed. But perhaps it’s not luck which has helped me get these roles? In this blog post I’ll explain my attitudes towards work in the hope that it helps you land your dream job too.

While the traits below may seem unrelated at first they’re actually very tightly related as you will see by the end of this post.


As the saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy”. Whether you’re in a job interview, talking to peers, chatting to your boss, always be honest. As another saying goes, “Trust takes years to build and seconds to break”. If you get caught lying in a job interview you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be getting an offer. It’s just like when employees ask candidates to do a pre-employment assessment, you shouldn’t lie on that either. Test like these are used to gather more information from an individual, before a decision is made. Knowing this will benefit you in the search of finding your dream job. If you want to learn more, be sure to do your research before any interview you accept. If you get caught lying to peers or superiors, your credibility will take a hit which you may never recover from.

Everyone respects honesty. It shows integrity and proves your trustworthiness.


Be passionate about what you do. You spend most of your life at work so make sure you’re doing something you enjoy. After all, to use another saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

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New Website Launch – Ultimate Cisco Lab

In the Connecting Your PC to Your Virtual GNS3 Routers post I provided basic instructions explaining how you can connect your PC to your GNS3 topology, allowing you to connect to the virtual routers as if they were real physical routers.

Next, in my Virtual Equipment + Physical Equipment = Big Lab post I expanded on the above idea and explained how you can connect physical and virtual machines to your GNS3 routers, as well as physical network gear too.

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