New Website Launch – Ultimate Cisco Lab

In the Connecting Your PC to Your Virtual GNS3 Routers post I provided basic instructions explaining how you can connect your PC to your GNS3 topology, allowing you to connect to the virtual routers as if they were real physical routers.

Next, in my Virtual Equipment + Physical Equipment = Big Lab post I expanded on the above idea and explained how you can connect physical and virtual machines to your GNS3 routers, as well as physical network gear too.

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Get Involved – Fourms

Whether you are are a seasoned Cisco professional or just starting out, one of the best sources of information you will find (apart from this blog :P) are internet forums. You will be amazed at just how much you can learn from them, and, if you have the time, how much you can teach others too. It is also a great place to “network” (excuse the pun).

Forums that I frequently visit include:

  • Whirlpool Forum – An Australian forum that covers everything from VoIP to Network to PC Hardware.
  • Experts Exchange Forum -Like Whirlpool, “EE” covers a whole range of topics and has a reward system that encourages users to assist one another.
  • Cisco Forum – An excellent place to get assistance with your Cisco problems.

If you’re having a problem and you just can’t seem to resolve it, I can almost guarantee that someone on a forum will be able to help you (I speak from experience after having used the above mentioned forums). Everyone is so helpful and because most users are Cisco professionals there is nothing they have not seen before.

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